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If on the other hand, you actually want to know something about Yowie Music, our people or our cat, please feel free to hang around on this page!


How the "Yowie" became a Muso!

Brayshaw's Hut Well, you see ... it goes like this: Many years ago, Kim and I took a drive down a dirt track heading south through the Namadgi National Park in the Brindabella Ranges. (In winter, we can see the snow on top of the Brindabellas from our backyard.) As we travelled down the track, we came across an abandoned grazier's hut. It was time for lunch, so we stopped to stretch our legs and have a look around. The hut itself is typical of other remote dwellings built during the early 1900s. What was special about this hut was that inside, there was a ledger, in which there were scores and scores of reports. When viewing the reports, it didn't take a genius to discern a theme. Although some reports talked about the location, the weather, or the point of origin of the various travellers that had made it thus far ... the vast majority of the reports concerned Yowie Sightings. Yup, that mythical Aussie beast, that is the Down Under equivalent of the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman. It turns out that our part of Australia enjoys the highest rate of Yowie Sightings when compared to any other region! Well, we thought: ok, cool, and then went outside and had lunch - completely forgetting everything about it.

The next day, having arrived back in Canberra, we went to the RSPCA shelter to get a cat. We had no particular type of cat in mind - just one that wouldn't destroy our arms and backs whenever you weren't taking sufficient defensive precautions. (Wow, did we get THAT bit wrong - as it turns out!) Well, anyway, we found a cat. It was a cat with Personality. It was a cat that had total disdain for all of the other cats in the cage,and a fair amount of disdain for the people walking past as well. But for some reason, Kim and I decided that this was the cat for us, so we paid the fees, collected her and brought her home. We didn't name her immediately. Our philosophy is that animals will tell you their name when they're good and ready. So we waited. Sometimes you have to wait a while. But in this case, the cat declared her name quite early in the piece. She advised us, that henceforth, she was to be referred to as "Yowie". And so it seems, that in a round-about way, our visit to Brayshaw's Hut, just up the road (figuratively speaking) from the highest mountain in Australia, had produced yet another Yowie Sighting. We didn't exactly see the beast from the porch of the hut, but it was only because of the hut that we discovered the cat's true name in any case!

Then, several years passed. Many thought that the cat was named after the sound that most people would scream when the cat would casually walk vertically up their back whilst that person was standing stock still .... "Yoooowwwwiiiieeeeee!!!!" they would howl in pain. Or, alternatively, a new victim would approach the cat. (Any humanoid would do ...) The cat would beguile that person into stroking her. The first stroke would cause the cat to lean in. The second would draw a purr. The third would result in loss of human blood - along with the customary yell of pain. Even so, the cat has remained - as integral a member of the family as any other being.

Yowie the Cat
Yowie Music logo

And so, in time, when we were casting around for names for our new business venture, we settled on a name. We had rejected all the boring options like "Canberra Music Studio" or "Capital Cellos" and many others as well before it became obvious to us. And then, without hesitation, and without bothering to check whether or not it was a good idea, we lodged our business name and set about designing a graphic to represent our business. That great mythical Australian beast, which so many travellers have claimed to have sighted throughout the districts of our home in Canberra became the image of our company. The logo, is of course, an image of A Yowie playing the Cello. And for those who really want to know: the logo was developed by Yowifying (adding fur) to an image taken of Bryson playing his favourite cello - named 'Brontosuarus' - in Alice Springs (which coincidentally happened to be at a time when Yowie the cat was watching on with a slightly quizical aspect!).

So there it is: full circle. That great mythical beast of Australian folklore provided the name for our Cat, who in turn inspired the naming of our business which then needed a graphic that represented the original Australian creature.

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The most important things are usually left till last! 

No, that image hasn't been "manipulated" - that's me with one of my favourites - Jared Crouch

I am an absolutely one-eyed Sydney Swans supporter (and no, that image on the left hasn't been "manipulated". That's me with one of my favourites - Jared Crouch).

My view is that there is only ONE (1) team in the AFL competition. There are, of course, several other groups of players that present at the various sporting facilities each week, but their only function is to act as targets for the Swans. This is an Undeniable truth of the Universe. If this statement loses Yowie Music a sale, well, that's just too bad: there's no point in being one-eyed if you're willing to negotiate on a fundamental truth!

By the way, people often support a "second team". I do not. However, if I did, it would definitely be the Coober Pedy Saints - a team that battles against teams such as Andamooka and Roxby Downs in the South Australian Far North Football League (formerly Woomera & Districts Football League).



Just a regular day at the footy! The Hallowed Turf Coober Pedy Football Club
Just a regular day at the footy! The Hallowed Turf. Coober Pedy Football Club

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